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The most common engine in all cars, in this workshop we understand how the internal combustion engine works and all its detailed steps to run. Learn by visual aid as you see all the parts of the piston engine and how they work in motion.

A successful flight can't be done without the force to lift the plane off the ground, and this force is from a high speed jet engine, in this workshop we will learn more about the compartments of jet engines and how to have effective manufacturing by using an efficient supply chain with practicing over a real life case study.

ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation

This program is used in different applications to simulate many aspects such as mechanical, electrical, and thermal effects.

We use ANSYS at aviation field to simulate the aircrafts before any manufacturing process 

In this workshop we learn more about CFD science and design aircrafts

In this workshop we understand 

 The rules of aerodynamics explain,how an airplane is able to fly, learn more about Parts of airplane and control surface.

and how to design a small aircraft using a software analysis "XFLR program" 

Dive deeper into the electronic control using AVR chips and learn how to program these controllers to make valuable systems. 

Modern Airplanes have different systems that work together to maintain specific operation. In this sector we understand how to control various systems to have a safe flight.

 Get to know about different sensors and how to integrate them into a functional system with valid communication. Our project at the end of the sessions is a smart home Arduino system.

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